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| by the banks of the river | 

| by the banks of the river, Condamine |

Warrick, Queensland 

| the river called Brisbane |

| the river called Brisbane |

| down by the river | 

           | The Brisbane River |

Along the Mekong River


Floating Village on the Mekong River opposite the capital Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

By the River


The Riverfront: Brisbane, Australia.

Story Bridge Climb



This afternoon I had the opportunity to climb The Story Bridge over the Brisbane River.  It was a delightful sight to watch the sunset over the city of Brisbane which as you may know is my favourite city. The above image was taken after the climb as I was not allowed to take my camera for safety reasons.

State Library of Queensland


What a view! I found this quiet place of solitude in The State Library of Queensland. I think it is such a great idea and whoever was the designer what a genius. My friend and I sat in quietness of the Library and watched as the boats and ferries carried on up and down the river. It was just delightful.

The River City


Brisbane, the River City.

As you can see the water is still muddy after the January/ February floods.

The Clarence River


The Clarence River, New South Wales

So Long Summer!


So long Summer….You were awesome.

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