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the grass is greener


We all know the famous phrase “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”. This saying is used to illustrate being discontent or envious of other people, things or circumstances who seem to have things better than you do. Photography has taught me to be content with what I have been given, what I am able to see, experience, create and capture. We can spend far too much time worrying about all that could be that we lose focus on the present. We need to forget about the grass on the other side of the fence and begin to behold the present and see how green the grass is where we are standing.

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Recently I found an old diary of mine. As I read through the pages full of memories of old times I found a page which stopped me. On the page were the words…

‘When I grow up I want to be…’

That was it. What is the rest of this statement I thought? Where were the dreams that I had so long ago? And why did I not write them down?

When I wrote that statement I was about 17 years old. Now, quite a few years later I have finished my degree there is a world of possibilities for me to dream about. Am I courageous enough to live my life without fear? And not have fear of losing my dreams, fear of missing out, fear of never being good enough or fear what people think? All of these thought run through my head. My dreams as a child were idealistic and wishful, now as an adult realistically, is it possible to dream? Dream with the innocence of a child and persevere until they are achieved.

I never could have imagined those words that I wrote would teach me something about myself years later. It is important to dream but if we have wishful dreams we may miss the small things in the present. Never let your dreams disappear. Hold onto them and write them in your heart so that you never lose them.

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