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Abort Landing!


The photo of these clouds shows a bright and sunny world which does not show a hint of the storm that is below. Flying into Singapore about two weeks ago we had to go through quite a storm. The clouds grew gloomy, and rain hit the sides if the plane. A flash of lightning pierced the clouds and then the plane started to shake as we began our descent. Just as the wheels if the plane were about to touch, the plane plane jolted, accelerated and aborted the landing. Yes, it was slightly disconcerting. I have never been in a plane where the landing was aborted so suddenly but it added to adventure and excitement of the trip. After circling for a further 45 minutes waiting for the storm to pass we landed safely at Singapore airport.

Nina Joan

Doubtful Sound


Doubtful Sound is a glorious place to visit. In the south island of New Zealand, Doubtful Sound is a silent beauty. The cruise through the sound shows the mountains towering over the water, creating an atmosphere of complete awe. It is well worth a visit, it is a place you have to feel and see with your own eyes to really appreciate its beauty.

Nina Joan

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