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| towered cities |

| the river called Brisbane |

| the river called Brisbane |

| I have been one acquainted with the night |

| I have been one acquainted with the night | ~Robert Frost 

slow down and enjoy life


| slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why |

~ Eddie Cantor

| these are the days that must happen to you |

| These are the days that must happen to you |

~ Walt Whitman

towered cities please us then

| towered cities please us then,
and the busy hum of men |

– John Milton

city streets


Walking along the city streets of Brisbane.

O Solitude!

photo (2)

O Solitude! if I must with thee dwell,
Let it not be among the jumbled heap
Of murky buildings:

~John Keats

Beautiful Cathedral

St Johns Cathedral, Brisbane

Post Card Perfect!


View of Brisbane City from Mt Cootha Lookout.

Through the Storm


Jungle of rooftops


The jungle of never ending rooftops in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Beautiful Brisbane


Brisbane, Australia

Story Bridge Climb



This afternoon I had the opportunity to climb The Story Bridge over the Brisbane River.  It was a delightful sight to watch the sunset over the city of Brisbane which as you may know is my favourite city. The above image was taken after the climb as I was not allowed to take my camera for safety reasons.

City Walks


Lovely cloudy day today in Brisbane. Walking the city streets in the crisp Autumn morning after meetings.



It was a lovely autumn day in Brisbane today. I explored some new places;)
More photos to share soon!



An edit of one of my favourite photos. Taken at Stanthorpe, Queensland.
It is moments captured like this which are the reason I love photography.

Words can’t describe this capture so, I’ll let the picture say it all.

The River City


Brisbane, the River City.

As you can see the water is still muddy after the January/ February floods.

The William Jolly Bridge


Photograph: The William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane.

Brisbane is a river city and it has many bridges that join the city together. This bridge would have to be my favourite.



View of the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, on a beautiful overcast day.

My Brisbane


Yes, this is the best city in the world! I may be biased as I have lived here almost all of my life. Brisbane is not the largest city in Australia But it is still a city full of life, culture and lovely people.

Brisbane City


Here is a snapshot of what Brisbane is like on a weekday. It is a hive of business, people running to catch buses, ferries and trains. I love Brisbane in the summer it is so lovely to go for an early morning walk. However, it does become rather hot and humid. The temperature yesterday was 33 degrees Celsius! Looks like it is going to another long, hot summer:)



I went wandering through my city today. It was a bright and hot summers day. These days are best for wandering whoever ever my eyes and camera lead me.

Enjoy your summer days!
Nina Joan

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