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Adventures in Cambodia

Here are some of my adventures in Cambodia (for this post…just getting to Singapore)

The journey began one very early morning at Brisbane International airport and patiently waiting in great anticipation to board the plane and start the adventure. Walking though the airport I unexpectedly met a woman who I had studied with at college, while we studied different courses in the same college we graduated in the same year together. I had not seen her since then and it had been over a year and a half. She is a social worker going to India for three months to work with the poor in the slums and she hoped to move permanently in the future.


View from the plane.

We embarked on the first leg of our journey to Singapore and flew west across Australia. If you have never seen Australia it is a vast country and seeing the Australian landscape from above gives you are great perspective. It took a few hours to fly over Australia and the sights were a hot, barren land. There were some beautiful sights coming over the north-western parts of Western Australia with islands and inlets carving the beautiful edge of the Australian coast. Past the coast we flew passed Indonesia and saw mountain tops reaching through the clouds and billowing smoke erupting from a volcano. After seven hours I was finally tired of being on the plane and could not wait to get off, for it was only a short flight from Singapore to Phnom Penh and the anticipation of arriving was getting quite exciting.


The Storm we were about to fly into ..

Looking out of my window on the plane as we approached Singapore I noticed a large gathering of clouds and it looked like we were heading straight into the storm. The bright sunshine we had been enjoying on our trip began to darken as we flew straight into the middle of the clouds. Lightning flashed in the dark and rain began to hit plane as we began our descent. As we braced  for a rather turbulent landing and just seconds away from landing the plane accelerated abruptly, aborted the landing and took off. Aborted landing! That was certainly something I was not expecting. We circled around Singapore for another 45 minutes before landing safely. It was quite a scary experience but I was happy to land safely and be late than not land safely at all. As a result of the plan being late we were forced to miss our connecting flight to Phnom Penh and stayed the night in Singapore. My Cambodian adventures would have to start tomorrow….

Images from Cambodia

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Angkor Wat at Dawn


Home in the Village


This photograph was also taken a few weeks ago leading up to high summer in Cambodia. It is a bright and cheery photos but it is covers the poverty in which these people live.
The children run through the fields in with shouts of glee and my hart is torn by the sights I see.

As I walked with my Australian friend (who teaches at the local village) we talked about the many challenges the people who live here face. Some who have not crossed the Mekong River which is only 12 kilometres away. However, a majority of teenagers have a mobile phone. They have technology yet, live in dire poverty. There are many challenges and conflicts of though that I observed during my travel. I believe that there is always hope, no matter how dark the present appears.

Village Home


I met the people who live in this home a few weeks ago. They live on the flood plains of the Mekong River and every year during the rainy season it floods. Accustomed to this way of life they live in the top floor of their home and travel to places by boat. It has shown me that the human spirit is strong. To endure this way if life would take great spirit.

Fields of Cambodia


Fields near Dusco Village in Cambodia.

Ta Prohm Temple


Ancient ruins, Cambodia

Nature taking over Ancient Ruins


Ruins at Ta Prohm temple, Cambodia

Ancient Temple







“In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.” Ansel Adams 



Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat


The ancient temple ruins of Angkor Wat.



The bud of a beautiful Louts flower.

Is this Safe?


How crazy is this mode of travel? It doesn’t look safe to me yet, one lady in the photography is happy and smiles as I click away….



I apologise for being so quiet. Over the last few weeks I have been travelling in Cambodia visiting an Australian friend who teaches in Cambodia. I hope to share many of the photographs I took during my journey.


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