| nature’s symphony |

by Nina Joan


I wandered by the lake one afternoon, amongst the tall trees and lush, green grass. The air was cool. A soft breeze drifted past my cheek and gently touched my hair. Through the moment I observed such peace and serenity that I lingered there for a while to watch, listen, and feel the beauty of the surrounding land. Almost at once everything seemed to pause in anticipation. Nature was preparing for a grand crescendo of glory. Nature’s symphony first movement began with lively songs of birds echoing across the water, the tall gum trees swayed along with the gentle breeze. The sunlight played with daring colours over the canvas of the sky. As the second movement began the breeze settled gently and made the water clear as glass. Clouds danced their waltz in pastel colours upon the mirror of sky and water. The third movement belonged to the birds. Gracefully, they gave their solos, gliding upon the reflections of the sky. All the while this played on; shadows began to grow amongst the trees, telling of the coming dusk. Yet, nature’s symphony had one final movement to play. And with a final triumphant display of light and glory, the sun shone radiantly with all of its beauty and strength. The last light sparkled and flickered through the gum tree’s leaves as the sun was pulled behind the mountains. Nature’s symphony had concluded and gave itself over to the dusk. The symphony of nature was a symphony of beauty.

Written by

 Nina Joan