Nina Joan

Home in the Village


This photograph was also taken a few weeks ago leading up to high summer in Cambodia. It is a bright and cheery photos but it is covers the poverty in which these people live.
The children run through the fields in with shouts of glee and my hart is torn by the sights I see.

As I walked with my Australian friend (who teaches at the local village) we talked about the many challenges the people who live here face. Some who have not crossed the Mekong River which is only 12 kilometres away. However, a majority of teenagers have a mobile phone. They have technology yet, live in dire poverty. There are many challenges and conflicts of though that I observed during my travel. I believe that there is always hope, no matter how dark the present appears.

Village Home


I met the people who live in this home a few weeks ago. They live on the flood plains of the Mekong River and every year during the rainy season it floods. Accustomed to this way of life they live in the top floor of their home and travel to places by boat. It has shown me that the human spirit is strong. To endure this way if life would take great spirit.

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